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Repetitive Strain Injury Compensation Claims

Repetitive Strain Injury Compensation Claims

Any type of soft-tissue injury that is caused by a repetitive activity falls under the umbrella term of a repetitive strain injury (RSI). These are commonly developed by individuals who work in settings that require repetitive tasks. If you have an injury that you feel is work-related, you may have a compensation claim. To find out more about possible litigation that may result in a payout to you, contact the lawyer team at Eldred Law. Call us today at 0800 368 9401.

How Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Can Impact Your Life

If you have developed any form of RSI, you may be faced with having to take time off work which can incur financial strain. You may even experience difficulty in completing one of many simple, everyday tasks as a result of your injury. These can include getting dressed, driving, or participating in any activity that requires you to sit or move or use any of your extremities. There are several types of RSI and the most common ones are tennis/golf elbow (also known as epicondylitis), ulnar neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, vibration white finger, and hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS).

Repetitive Strain Injury RSI
Repetitive Strain Injury

What Causes Repetitive Strain Injury

Just about any job setting can cause repetitive strain injury. Here is a list of some of the most common workplace situations that can lead to RSI:

– Vibrating tool use that is repeated and excessive
– Workspaces that are not efficiently designed and cause you to work uncomfortably
– Frequent heavy lifting
– Machinery operation
– Working on production/assembly lines

Your employer is legally obliged to provide all employees with proper training and protective gear to reduce the potential of developing a repetitive strain injury. If you happen to be suffering from such an injury that you are certain was caused at the workplace, you may have grounds for a claim. To find out more or to discuss your specific situation, contact us today at Eldred Law. You may qualify for a settlement as a result of your injury. Call us today at 0800 368 9401.

How To Claim For RSI

If you have been to a medical professional who has diagnosed your injury as being the result of repetitive activity at work, you have a time limit of three years to launch your claim. That is three years from the moment you have been diagnosed with repetitive strain injury. It is important to act quickly as sometimes a compensation claim can take much longer than expected to settle.

How Long Does It Take For A RSI Claim To Be Settled?

This depends on several different factors. They may include the severity of the injury, when it occurred, whether or not it has impacted your ability to work and if you have incurred financial losses and medical costs as a result of treatment for the injury.

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If you are currently suffering from an RSI, and you have proof that the cause of that injury can be traced to your current or former workplace, you may be eligible for compensation. To discuss whether or not you have grounds to take legal action against an employer, contact us at Eldred Law. Our staff of specialized lawyers can examine your information and assist you with the options available to you for a payout. Call us today at 0800 368 9401 to book your appointment.