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Dermatitis Claims

Dermatitis Claims

Industrial dermatitis, also called eczema, is a workplace-related skin condition. It can be contracted in settings that use irritants such as chemicals, glues, and dust. If you have developed dermatitis from exposure to these substances in a work setting, you may have grounds for a compensation claim. To find out if litigation is the best option for you, contact us at Eldred Law to discuss your situation. Call us today at 0800 368 9401.

How You May Have Developed A Skin Disease

Prolonged exposure to skin irritants in addition to regular contact with water may be to blame for your skin condition. Dermatitis is characterized by skin inflammation, dry skin, sores, and any other form of irritation. For individuals who have developed dermatitis or eczema, the condition typically gets worse over time and can severely impact your ability to work. There are also materials, such as latex, that can lead to an allergy or a hypersensitivity which results in painful skin irritations. There are also times where a reaction to these substances can cause anaphylactic shock that can result in death.

office dermatitis
occupational dermatitis

How To Be Protected At Work

Your employer has the responsibility to protect you and all workers from potential hazards on the job. There should be discussion regarding the types of substances that will be present on-site and whether or not safer alternatives can be used. If there are none, your employer has to ensure you are safe when using or near these substances by providing the proper training on how to use them and having all employees wearing correct protection to reduce the risk of developing a skin disease. If these things did not happen and you believe your skin disease has been created from workplace exposure, you may have a claim for a settlement in the form of a payout. To discuss this further with a lawyer, contact our team of specialized solicitors at Eldred Law. Contact us today at 0800 368 9401.

What Is Considered A Work-Related Skin Disease?

Of all the skin diseases, industrial dermatitis is the most common and it is caused by exposure to various infections and allergens. If you have a swelling and redness that has developed following direct contact with a dangerous substance, you may have something called urticarial. Other skin conditions that are considered work-related include folliculitis, infective skin disease, mechanical skin disease, and some skin cancers.

How Can I Develop A Skin Disease On The Job?

If you have come in contact at work with chemicals, dust, or enzymes and did not have protective clothing on, you may be at risk of developing one of many different skin conditions. Professions where occupational dermatitis is common include:

– Kitchen staff
– Cleaners
– Manufacturing/Factory workers
– Hospital staff
– Printers
– Engineers
– Hairdressers

How Long Does A Dermatitis Claim Take?

If you have a skin condition that can be verified by your medical professional as being caused at your workplace, you have a three-year window to put together your claim. That three-year timeframe begins the moment you were made aware of the diagnosis. The details of your case will have a direct impact on the size of payout and the time required in litigation. It is important to note that the severity of your condition, whether or not it has interrupted your working ability, and any financial losses you have incurred because of the skin condition will all influence the outcome of your claim.

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