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Asbestosis Compensation

Asbestosis Compensation

There are certain industries where asbestos is used. For those individuals who have worked in such environments, there is a possibility that they have developed asbestosis. If you feel that you have the grounds for a claim based on your health condition, contact us today at Eldred Law to discuss the details.

What Is Asbestosis?

Excessive and prolonged exposure to asbestos causes the lung disease identified as asbestosis. The asbestos causes scarring and thickening of lung tissues which will cause lungs to lose elasticity and reduce their function. There are signs that can point to the development of asbestosis and they include:

– Shortness of breath
– Chest pain
– Tightness in and around the chest
– An unexplained cough

If these symptoms describe what you are experiencing, you should visit your medical professional to confirm whether or not you have developed asbestosis. Although oxygen therapy can assist in easing the severity of the symptoms, it is not a cure.


Can I Make An Asbestosis Claim?

If you have been suffering within the past three years with asbestosis, you can launch a claim for asbestosis compensation. The three-year timeline starts from the day you are diagnosed with asbestosis and not from the date you were exposed to asbestos. To be sure if you have the grounds for a claim, contact our lawyer office at Eldred Law today. Call us at 0000 0000.

Who Can Develop Asbestosis?

If your current or a previous workplace used asbestos, this is likely where you were exposed. If your job saw you going home with traces of asbestos on your work overalls, your family may have also been exposed to it and could develop health conditions related to that exposure. People in the following careers are most likely to have worked around asbestos:

– Boilermakers
– Fitters
– Electricians
– Shipbuilders
– Carpenters
– Joiners

If this sounds like you or a family member and you suspect there are grounds for a claim, contact Eldred Law to discuss this with a solicitor. You may be due a settlement payout following litigation.

How Much Your Legal Claims Will Cost

A claim is pursued on a “No Win/No Fee” basis which we will discuss with you.

How Much Asbestosis Compensation Will You Receive?

That depends on various factors related to the claim. Each case is different but amounts of compensation are generally based on the level of pain and suffering, if asbestosis has caused disability and the amount of financial loss and care costs incurred.

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If you believe your health condition is the result of asbestosis that you developed from exposure to asbestos at your current or previous workplace, you may have a claim for asbestosis compensation. To be sure, contact us today at Eldred Law to discuss the details. Call 0800 368 9401 to book your appointment.