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Cumulative Back Syndrome – CBI

Cumulative Back Syndrome – CBI

Thousands of people every year suffer with back pain, or back injuries, as a result of their working environment. You may have felt a twinge in your back or have suffered with a back condition for years. If your workplace has caused, or exacerbated your back condition you may be eligible to claim compensation.

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Employers have a legal duty to protect your health and safety whilst you are at work, so with jobs where there is manual handling or heavy lifting there should be regular risk assessments and safety measures put in place to remove or minimise any hazard.

Back injuries can be caused a number of ways. The most common is through repetition – manual handling on a regular basis such as working on a production line, in a warehouse or in a factory, where a regular movement is performed. Another common cause is through an isolated incident, where you have suffered a back injury by performing an individual task such as lifting a heavy weight without the correct training.

If you believe you are suffering from a back injury caused by work you should contact us without delay for a free, no obligation discussion so we can assess the options available to you.

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