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National Coal Board

The National Coal Board (NCB) was responsible for the UK’s coal production for over 40 years, producing hundreds of millions of tonnes of coal each year and employing at one point 800,000 people and over the years having employed millions of people.

The NCB was aware of the dangers of exposure to excessive levels of noise from 1963, but over the years failed to protect their employees from such danger, with no comprehensive system of hearing protection in place until 1990.

We have over 20 years’ experience of pursuing claims for industrial deafness against the NCB, so your claim would be in safe hands. Generally, a successful claim against the NCB can give rise to awards ranging from £3,000 – £10,000.

The noise levels to which some NCB employees were exposed were far, far too high, well beyond safe levels, so much so that working for the NCB for 2 years would be the equivalent of having worked for over 10 years in a noisy car production factory.

If you have problems with your hearing or you suffer from Tinnitus and you have worked in noise underground or above ground for the NCB, then you should arrange a callback, speak to one of our coal board specialists and make your claim.


Did you work with or close to known excessive sources of noise such as:

  • Dint Headers
  • Road Headers
  • Auxiliary Fans
  • Air Leg Borers
  • Hydraulic Borers
  • Underground locomotives
  • Shovel loaders
  • Shearer machines
  • Armoured Face Conveyors
  • Nylon hand grinders
  • Circular saws
  • Band saws
  • Classifying screens
  • Drop hammers
  • Welding

Did you work for the National Coal Board for a minimum of 2 years after 1963?

Did you work underground in and around the noise of the coal face or the locomotives?

Did you work above ground in the fabrication and repair workshops?

Did you work above ground on the screens or in the washeries?

Did you work on the coke ovens for NSF (part of NCB)?



If you answered YES – contact us!

The National Coal Board

The National Coal Board was created in 1947 on “vesting day”, taking coal production into public ownership until its privatisation in 1994. Whilst the NCB no longer exists, the Government Department BEIS (Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) is responsible for any claims made in relation to injuries sustained or conditions contracted as a result of the negligence of the NCB.

The NCB undertook a variety of noisy activities, such as coal mining underground, coal mining on the surface (open cast mining) and coal mining into the sides of hills (drift mining), it also undertook activities involved with processing of coal and by-products of coal, with the operation of coke works and chemical plants. The NCB also operated a variety of noisy ancillary activities which supported their mining activities, such as metal working and wood working activities.

Those exposed to excessive noise would have included, by way of example: Face workers; development workers; machine operators (Doscos, Shearers, Trepans); shotfirers; rippers; haulage and supply workers; transfer point attendants; button boys; electricians; fitters; deputies; salvage workers; loco drivers/conductors; joiners; blacksmiths; washery workers; coke work operatives

The main areas in the UK where the NCB operated included:

Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Durham, Nottinghamshire, Newcastle

Aitken, Blairadam, Lochore

Glamorgan, North and South Wales, Pembrokeshire


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